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The Malseed Family name is relatively rare.   Malseeds are found in several countries. (See Locations.)

The name may also be spelled "Molseed" or "Maultsaid".

Other spellings have included "Maltseed" or "Molsed" in the past.

If you are a Malseed, or know about our family history, please send us an e-mail message.


At this site you may:


Find out about the world-wide Malseed family.

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  Explore theories about the origins of the Malseed family.
  Discover locations where you may find Malseeds.
Learn about many branches of the Malseed family tree.
  View historic Malseed records, data, etc.
  Read about Malseed Family Reunions.
  See different Coats of Arms.
  Find links to related sites and Malseed businesses.
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  Read copying suggestions and source citation information.
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Since 1994, I have made contact with over 200 members of the world-wide Malseed family.  Many have shared with me their knowledge of family members and ancestors.  I have also collected many historic records from public sources, (Census, SSDI, GRO, internet, etc.)  and have been able to connect several family branches together, helping some individuals extend their family trees back several generations.  Please consider sharing your family information with me.  You could greatly extend your family tree.
How I treat your information is discussed on the privacy policy page.
           Robert Malseed (My e-mail address is at the bottom of this page.)

Special features: 1. Australia 2005, 1999, 1949 reunion reports
2. Malseeds, Molseeds, Maultsaids who signed the Ulster Covenant

3. Roy Malseed's Documents. (From Australia.)


Special section: John Malseed's Books 
John has a new book that was published in Autumn 2006.
John's first book is now available in a revised edition as of Mar 2008.

This web site is created and maintained by Robert A. Malseed, Albuquerque, NM, USA.
All personal pronouns and references to "webmaster" refer to him.

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