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The Malseed family consists of many known branches.

This portion of the website presents the information that has been collected for known branches.

Presently this area consists mostly of framework where information can be placed.

Branches are designated by the earliest identified member (or members) of the branch.   There are, however, several branches whose progenitors have the same name.  The birth year is used to distinguish among them.  The exact birth year is not always known.  In that case an approximate (~) year will be shown.  A location may also be used to distinguish.  Where a child and his parent are both known, both names may be given separated by "s/o" (son of). In the case where siblings are known, but not a parent, their names will be given separated by an ampersand. (&) Examples:

1 The webmaster is a descendant of John Malseed who was born in 1790.  This branch is designated "John (1790)".
2 Most Australian members of the family are descendants of the brothers James and Stewart Malseed.  Since their father's name is unknown, this branch is designated "James & Stewart"
3 The Maultsaid branch are all descendants of William son of Robert Malseed .  This is designated "William s/o Robert ".
4 Samuel Malseed of Tullybeg is known along with some descendants. "Samuel (of Tullybeg)"

The information collected for each branch varies, but normally includes family tree information.  It may also include documents such as letters, wills, obituaries, biographies, military records, tombstone photos, etc.  This information will be posted on the page or pages of each branch, in accordance with the Privacy policy.

This is a table of some known branches.  Hyperlinks indicate further information is available here.

  Progenitor(s) Comment Researcher(s)
1 John (1790) Webmaster's ancestor.
Arrived in USA in 1821.
Robert A. Malseed, Robert Howard, Jim Howard, Debby Conigliara
2 John (~1805) Most known descendants
are from son Samuel in USA.
Karen Portzer, Deborah Gleockler
3 John (~1805-07) Son, Charles (1844) was
USA Civil War veteran. Son Joseph (1852)lived in McKeesport.
Kathie Brown, Dru Vaughn, Dolly Lauricella
4 John (~1826) Possible son of
John of Aughavannon.
Jim Maultsaid, Eric Beatty
5 Henry (~1790) Henry married twice.
Mary Wray, Margaret Fullerton.
G. Rodger Crowe, Rosemary Sibbett
6 James & Stewart Primarily in Australia. Went to
Australia in mid 1800s.
Ian McLeod, Clare Morton, Leigh Malseed, Lorraine Rhode
7 William s/o Robert William changed his name
to Maultsaid.
Jim Maultsaid, Eric Beatty
8 John s/o Samuel This likely the same as John (~1805) if he  had Jane Swan Armour as second wife. Aaron Orr
9 Robert s/o William William's son was
Robert Campbell Malseed.
Rosalind Lacey
10 Samuel (of Tullybeg) Samuel's Will and some
descendants are known.

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