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Family Web Sites
Albuquerque Malseeds Web site of  Robert & Linda Malseed,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Maultsaid Family Information Descendants of:
William Malseed / Maltsaid / Maultsaid
Sibbett Family Web Site Ancestors of:
Rosemary Sibbett, Northern Ireland


Businesses or Organizations
                           Jason Malseed's realty business in
Mt. Gambier, South Australia.
Martin Malseed's accounting business in
Holywood, Northern Ireland.
  Kill O' The Grange School Kill O' The Grange National School
Ireland  (James Malseed, webmaster)
National Wildlife Federation Distant cousin, Larry Schweiger, is the
President and CEO of the National
Wildlife Federation.
Australian Rainbow Trout Farm Australian Rainbow Trout Farm.
Robert Barrie Malseed, Hawthorn.
Perry County Beer Company Perry County Beer Company
Robert Malseed of Duncannon, PA, USA


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County Donegal Genealogy
Resource Website
A source of much information about Co.
Donegal, Ireland.

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