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The purpose of this section of the site is to provide access to many publicly available historic records that have been gathered from various repositories.  Records have been collected from:

  • The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    (This also includes copies of some GRO and PRONI records.)
  • The General Register Office of Northern Ireland. (GRO)
  • The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. (PRONI)
  • Various genealogy web sites.

Some of these records are presently available for posting.  Click on the Ireland and Scotland links here or above.

I have many other records on file and intend to make them available in the future.  These include many vital records from the General Register Office of Ireland.  I hope to put them in a searchable database. 

Several of the records in my possession are relatively recent, and in accordance with the Privacy policy these will not be posted.  You may e-mail the webmaster with questions concerning 20th century vital records that are not posted here.

NOTE:  Some historic records such as letters, wills, deeds, and obituaries are specific to individuals in known branches of the Malseed family.  Those records will be posted under the appropriate person in the Branches area of this site.

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