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Several persons have purchased a Malseed Coat of Arms.  None of them are exactly the same.  As the family consisted of tenant farmers, I believe it is unlikely that there ever was an official Malseed Shield or Coat of Arms.

Here are several versions:  (Click on a photo to enlarge it.)

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Elaine Malseed of Philadelphia, USA,
got this one in 1974 from Halberts.

Bert Malseed, Colchester, England, got this one.

Bert also obtained this one from
The Historical Research Center in 1997.

Note that it bears a close resemblance to the
Maultsaid Coat of Arms obtained by Jim Maultsaid

Iris Malseed, Letterkenny, Ireland, obtained this one.

It included the following description:

1. The White background or 'field' signifies 'peace and sincerity'. It is also called 'argent' (silver) in heraldic terms.

2. The shield is divided into four 'quarters'. A 'quarter' on a shield was usually granted from a sovereign for "Brilliant military service".

3. In two of the quarters (1st and 4th) there is displayed a "fess" which again is a military item. It is called a military belt or 'girdle of honour'. It is shown here "embattled - counter - embattled", referring to a walled castle or fortress.

4. The 2nd and 3rd quarters are called 'chequy'. This "chequy" display signifies "constancy". That is someone who is 'faithful' and 'endures to the end'.

5. The smaller shield or 'inescutheon' possibly refers to a marriage from previous generations.

6. There is no definite explanation for the depiction of the mole on the smaller shield.

Philip Mackey Coats of Arms, Family Histories, and calligraphy
Drumany, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Rep. of Ireland (074) 26344

Finally, Karen Portzer found this crest for
Molsheek of Yorkshire, England

Note that it is almost identical to the shield on Iris' Coat of Arms.

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