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Two of Robinson McNally (Roy) Malseed's family history documents are provided here.  These documents had been previously transcribed by other family members.  Recognizing that the transcriptions needed some clarification  and correction to Roy's information, Robert Malseed (the webmaster) and Ian McLeod (Roy's nephew) have done research and have produced annotated versions of these documents.

Multi-page PDF versions of the documents may be downloaded that have the longer annotations included as footnotes on each page.  The documents may also be read on-line in a single-page HTML version that has the longer annotations provided as hypertext endnotes.

Click on the links below to access the documents.

Letter from Ireland 1956 Roy Malseed visited the Malseed homeland in Ireland in 1956.  A letter that he wrote to Australia from Letterkenny has been preserved.
Family History Document In 1965, Roy wrote down his remembrances of Malseed and Cowan family history in Australia.

Robinson McNally Malseed was born 23 October 1890 in "Pine Grove", Myamyn, Victoria, Australia, and died 14 January 1977 in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.  He married Annie Louisa (Nance) Marshall in 1912.

Roy and his sister,
 May Malseed.
Roy and his wife,
Nance Marshall,
in 1912.

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