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General The Malseed Family name is rare.   Malseeds are found in:
Ireland Northern Ireland England Scotland
United States Canada Australia New Zealand

Most are found in Australia and the United States.  See Malseed Locations for more information.


The family name is most commonly spelled "Malseed", but it may also be spelled "Molseed" or "Maultsaid" today and "Maltseed" , "Maltsaid", or "Molsed" in the past.

Pronunciation My family pronounced the name Mal-seed.  (Rhymes with Pal or Hal.)
Some report saying Mol-seed.  (Rhymes with Mole.)  Of course, some spell it this way.
Some report saying Mail-seed.
Some pronunce it as Mul-seed.
Many pronounce it Mall-seed.  (Rhymes with Mall or Paul or Haul.)
Maultsaids pronounce their name as it looks.  (Rhymes with Malt-sed.)

Here is a recording of me saying "Mal-seed, Mol-seed, Mall-seed".
Click on this link Name Pronunciation, then choose the option to open the file.
How do you say it?  Send us an e-mail with your vote.

Origins Malseeds throughout the world trace their family back to County Donegal, Ireland.  There are several theories as to where Malseeds were before County Donegal. (Scotch-Irish theory,  Flemish theory, French Huguenot theory,  Soldier theory, Dutch theory, Viking theory, and Kenneth deMal theory.)  See Malseed Origins for more information.  If you wish to add to this list, send us an e-mail.
Research See Donegal Information under Malseed Origins for some very early Malseed references.

See Ireland Records under Malseed Records for listings of Malseed vital records from Ireland (primarily County Donegal).  You will find Marriages, Births, Deaths, Burials, Probate data, Gravestones, etc.  Currently only Ulster Covenant signers information is available.

See Scotland Records under Malseed Records for a listing of Malseed vital records from Scotland in the 1800s.

Family Tree
Look under Branches to see what we know about the many branches of the malseed family.  My (Robert A. Malseed) family tree is posted under John (1790).  Other people have submitted family tree information to me.  You are welcome to do so, also.  I have helped to introduce cousins who were unaware of each other's existence.  Perhaps we can find out where you fit in.  You will find some older Malseed family data under Australia, Canada, and the research areas mentioned above.  More recent data is kept confidential and not posted. (See Privacy.)
I am indebted to other researchers who have contributed to my databank of Malseed Family History information. (Some of it is not posted yet.)
Ian McLeod Australia     John Malseed Australia
Jim Maultsaid Northern Ireland     Eric Beatty Northern Ireland
Brent Malseed Canada     Lorraine Rhode Canada
Karen Portzer USA      
Kathie Brown USA      

And to many others who have contacted me and sent family tree information.

Special thanks to Jim Maultsaid who visited us here in Albuquerque on 24 - 27 March 2001 and brought family data on a CD-ROM and maps of Ireland including detailed maps of County Donegal.

Coat of Arms Several persons have purchased a Malseed Coat of Arms.  No two of which are exactly the same.  Some were shown and discussed at the Malseed Family Reunion in Ireland in June 2004.  Click here for Coat of Arms information.
Invitation Please send me your Malseed family data, especially if you have older family history information.  Information from before 1900 may help tie our family trees together.

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