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26 Apr 2009 Added notice of John Malseed's revised book.
23 Oct 2007 Added Connecting Cousins box to home page.
01 Oct 2007 Corrected endnote 6 in Roy Malseed's 1956 letter from Ireland.
15 Jun 2007 Corrected links in drop-down menu for some family branches.
27 May 2007 Updated some information on known family branches.
06 Oct 2006 Added Robinson McNally (Roy) Malseed's documents.
Updated John Malseed's Books page.
23 May 2006 Changed method of entering Guest Comments.
08 Apr 2006 Added AMG Publishers link to John Malseed's Books page.
05 Apr 2006 Added page for Copying Suggestions and source citation information.
03 Apr 2006 Added announcement of John Malseed's new book.
10 Mar 2006 Corrected link to Adobe Reader.
Removed reference to old site on home page.
09 Feb 2006 Added photo to Australia 1949 reunion.
Corrected some names in captions of other photos.
22 Jan 2006 Changed link to new Maultsaid web site
18 Nov 2005 Added link to Perry County Beer Company.
11 Jul 2005 Added John Malseed's e-mail address to John's Book page.
08 Jul 2005 Added link to the Australian Rainbow Trout Farm.
04 Jul 2005 Corrected Brendan to Brendon.
Added panorama of Malseed Lake under Australia.
07 Jun 2005 Added photo link on Australia 2005 reunion page.
Added identification of Dana (Rosemary Scallon) to Sunday Evening page for Ireland 2004 reunion.
Corrected spelling of "Ian Heron".
28 May 2005 Restructured the web site, placing items of general Malseed interest in, and placing our family items in
Changed site from being frames-based to shared borders with a
     drop-down cascading menu for site navigation.
Updated Malseed origins information,
Added Extra-terrestrial Malseeds page.
Added pages for Australian reunions
Added privacy information page.
Added page listing Irish GRO information that I have.
Added Malseed business links.
Added pages to provide for family branch information.
Put wills and Civil War letters in John (1790) branch.
Put will in Samuel of Tullybeg branch.
09 Jan 2005 Corrected link error on Ulster Covenant data table.
Edited hyperlink properties in "John's Book".
Removed unused files.
18 Dec 2004 Corrected error on Ulster Covenant data table.
17 Dec 2004 Added PRONI Ulster Covenant records to Irish Records.
Modified the custom Error 404 page.
24 Nov 2004 Added Nan Hill's photos to Reunion Sunday evening page.
30 Jul 2004 Corrected names on reunion photo captions.
27 Jul 2004 Updated reunion attendance list.
Removed NWF logo from link pending approval.
26 Jul 2004 Added a name to reunion attendance list.
Put reunion navigation bar in chronological order.
Modified the custom Error 404 page.
25 Jul 2004 Added another name ID to reunion photo.
23 Jul 2004 Added pages with reunion event photos.
Made additional changes to reunion review page.
Added researchers to Malseed research page.
Added Coat of Arms page under Research.
19 Jul 2004 Changed reunion invitation to reunion review.
Removed reunion Registration page.
22 Mar 2004 Updated Reunion page.
Updated Registration page and enabled its link.
Added NWF link to Links page.
Removed dead Celtic Web Art link.
14 Mar 2004 Made minor editorial corrections.
13 Mar 2004 Added Australian and UK links to purchase John Malseed's book.
Added draft Registration page for the reunion with confirmation page.
Updated Reunion page.
20 Feb 2004 Added page for John Malseed's book.
Added link to book page on main page.
28 Dec 2003 Added information to Reunion page.
02 Oct 2003 Added instruction to click pictures on Reunion page.
29 Sep 2003 Added photo of Robert Malseed of Rathmullan to reunion page.
Made minor editorial corrections.
12 Sep 2003 Removed advertising windows.
Added Malseed Reunion Page.
Changed Family Origins link to RootsMagic.
Added custom Error 404 page.
30 Dec 2002 Added Australian Malseed Pioneer Information.
09 Dec 2001 Added link to Adobe Acrobat Reader.
31 Mar 2001 Added Malseed Research & Records overview pages.
Added Irish Records page (currently blank) for older family data.
Added Scottish Records page, with data, for older family data.
Corrected Maultsaid and Pocket PC Passion links.
22 Mar 2001 Added "Molseed", "Molsed", "Maltseed", and "Maultsaid" spellings.
Added link to Maultsaid Family Tree web site.
Added Flemish Theory to Malseed Origins.
Elevated Malseed Family History up one level.
Added blank page for Canadian family history.
Added page for Australian family history with reunion 1999 information.
Minor correction to Samuel Malseed's Will.
Added 1614 lease to John Molsed to Donegal Information.
29 Sep 2000 Added minor text to Malseed Origins.
Added link to Martin Malseed, accountant.
13 Jul 2000 Expanded Malseed Origins page.
Added in Donegal Information page for History of Malseeds in Donegal.
Added Huguenot Information page.
08 May 2000 The entire site is new.

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