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An Overview
of the Old Testament  

An Overview
   of the New Testament  


John Malseed

These are two of the latest books in the

Following God Through the Bible
series from AMG Publishers, Chattanooga, TN.

The books are chapter-by-chapter study guides of the Bible which help the reader study the Bible rather than studying books about the Bible.  Their main purpose is to allow the reader to discover biblical truth by himself or herself with the Holy Spirit’s help.  Scripture is its own interpreter so that by comparing Scripture with Scripture you can discover the message God has just for you. An Overview of the Old Testament and “An Overview of the New Testament” do not give answers to the questions asked; the answers are in the textbook – the Bible.

Each section and series of questions have the following purposes:

  • As a guide to make the study of Scripture easier and thus, motivate you.
  • To help make the Scripture relevant to your daily life.
  • To challenge you to learn the great doctrines of the Bible by searching out other Scriptures.

These books make excellent daily study guides.  Their aim is to open up the Word of God.  The questions asked are just the tool for understanding; the answers are where the rubber meets the road.

Who is John Malseed?

John Malseed is a graduate of Emmaus Bible College, Sydney, Australia.  John's love for preaching and teaching has led him to serve God in various fields: pastoring churches, lecturing in Bible colleges, and for a period, serving in France as a missionary.  John's great burden is to enable people to know God better through a daily routine of studying the Scriptures.  John is Irish born but lives in Australia with his wife, Helen.  John and Helen have three adult children - Erin, Rachel, and Michael.

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What does one of the studies in each book look like?

A study of Matthew chapter 2.
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An Overview of the New Testament

This was the first book in the series and was designed to help one to discover the truth of God's grace given through Jesus Christ, His Son and our Messiah and Redeemer.

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A new, revised edition of this book is now available with a page format the same as in "An Overview of the Old Testament". (See sample below.)


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An Overview of the Old Testament

This new book will lead the student to discover the message of the law and of the prophecies that prepared the way for the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ.
Just as "An Overview of the New Testament" helps one to discover the truth of God's grace given through Jesus Christ, this book helps one to understand Jesus as the Messiah and the fulfillment of the Law.

This book has a fresh new look and a logical arrangement for each of its 303 individual studies.

Where may I purchase a copy?

Enquire at a local Christian book store or purchase via the internet.  For your convenience, here are several  links to sites from which you may buy the book.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.

1. AMG Publishers
2. (under Search, select "Books", and enter search keyword "malseed")
3. (enter search keyword "malseed")
4. (enter search keyword "malseed")
5. (under Search, select "Books", and enter search keyword "malseed")
   In Australia:    
5. (enter search keyword "malseed")
   In the UK:    
6. (under Search, select "Books", and enter search keyword "malseed")

 To find more sites use your favorite web search engine.

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