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Where are the Malseeds in Australia?

Australia has, perhaps the highest concentration of Malseeds anywhere.  I know of over 1,000 Malseeds, descendants, and spouses who have lived or are living in Australia.  Click the maps for an enlarged view.

Where most Malseeds are found in Australia.  Australia - showing where most Malseeds are found.

Where Malseeds first arrived in Australia.  Western Victoria - showing where Malseeds arrived in mid-1800s.

Several members of the Australian branch of the family had contacted me, and I am grateful to them for their information.  In March and April 2005 I visited Australia and met many family members there.

Malseed name on the map.

There is a Malseed Park in Mount Gambier, South Australia.  There is also a Malseed Lake in the Discovery Bay Coastal Park in Victoria and Malseed Streets and a Malseeds Road in Victoria.

Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Robert Malseed, Leigh Malseed, and Jim Maultsaid at the entrance to Malseed Park in Mt. Gambier, South Australia,
Robert at Malseed Park
Robert, Leigh, and Jim overlooking Malseed Lake.  The lake is just above Leigh's head.
Malseed Lake in the Discovery Bay Coastal Park.  The ocean and beach are in the background.  Just in front of the lake is a farm of blue gum trees owned by a descendant of the original Malseed settler. 
A close-up of Malseed Lake.
Jim, Robert, and Leigh at Malseed Street in Portland, Victoria.
John Malseed at Malseeds Road near Hawkesdale, Victoria.
Photo by Jim Maultsaid.
Malseed Street in Maroondah just east of Melbourne, Victoria.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Joseph Malseed.

Australian Malseed Pioneers.

Here is information about Australian Malseed Pioneers courtesy of Ian McLeod of Tasmania.

Malseed Reunions in Australia.

Look under Reunions to read about family reunions held in Australia in 1949, 1999, and 2005.

Historic Documents.

Several historic documents that recount Malseed family history and our ties to County Donegal, Ireland, are available in Australia.  These include:

Roy Malseed's Documents Robinson McNally (Roy) Malseed wrote a letter from Ireland when he visited there in 1956.
He also wrote down his remembrances of Malseed and Cowan family history in Australia.
Click the link to read and/or download these two documents.
Henry Malseed's Letters Henry immigrated to Australia in the mid 1800s.  He kept letters that were written to him by family members in Ireland, USA, and Australia.  He never married and the letters have been preserved and are now in the possession of Brendon Jarrett.
These will be posted at a later date.

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