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Malseeds may be found listed in several old (17th - 19th century) Irish documents.  Sometimes the name is given as Molsed, Molseed, Maltseed, or Maultsaid.  These spelling variations are included in the survey of sources.  Here is a list of several sources and dates. 
Each of the mapped sources are shown on a separate page.  Click on the links to see the full-size map and associated data.
Click here for a Key to the Parish Names. (Also maps of Parishes, Baronies, and Dioceses.)

Some information came from this County Donegal Genealogy Resource website.  

Mapped Sources


Thumbnail Maps

1614 land lease to John Molsed 1614
Hearth Money Roll Co. Donegal 1665
Poll of the Electors of Co. Donegal 1761 - 1775
Spinning Wheel Premium List 1796
Index to Tithe Applotment Books 1825 - 1830
Index to Griffith's Primary Valuation 1857 - 1858
Other Sources Dates


A Calendar of Wills in the Diocese of Raphoe. 1811 - 1814 See next entry on this page.

A Calendar of Wills in the Diocese of Raphoe (1684 - 1858)  

Last First Town Parish Date of Will
Malseed James Cloonemore Clondahorky ? 1811
Malseed John Letterkenny Conwal 1814

The list did not state the parish.  I could not find Cloonemore in the township listing, but I did find a Clonmore in Clondahorky Parish.

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