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John (~1805)
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Many descendants of John's son Samuel are known living in the USA. 

Recent research indicates that he and "John son of Samuel" may be one and the same.  (If so, we could combine these branches under "Samuel (~1780-85)".

Here is a possible train of events:

Samuel Malseed is born in the late 1700s. (1780-1785?)
    John Malseed is born about 1810.
    John Malseed marries first wife in early 1830s.
        Samuel Malseed is born 17 Feb 1834. (for descendants, see below)
        John Malseed is born 9 Jan 1836.
        James Malseed ? is born later.
            Samuel, John, & James go to USA.
        William Malseed is born before 1853.(for descendants, see below)
    John Malseed marries second wife, Jane Swan Armour, on 8 Feb 1853.
        Robert Malseed is born early in 1854. (Webmaster has his photo.)
        Robert Malseed marries Sarah Ann Carson 9 Nov 1880.
            Violet May Malseed born 1883.
            Violet Malseed marries Robert Orr.
                Grandson Eric Orr attends Malseed reunion in 2004
                Another grandson is Aaron Orr of Hamilton, Ontario.
Samuel Malseed (USA)                         William Malseed (Knockybrin)
Marries Sarah Hughes 1 Jan 1857         Marries Margaret McNaught 11 May 1875
  Children:                                                     Children:
     Samuel George 1858                                      Annie Malseed 26 Dec 1881
    Margaret Malseed 6 Dec 1859                       Sarah 1883
    John 1861                                                         John 1885
    Sarah 1863                                                        John Alexander 1886
    James 1865                                                       Robert 1887
    Ellen 1872                                                         Sarah May 1890
    Fannie Laird 1872
        Fannie Laird Malseed marries John Gordon 7 Jan 1868
            Madeline Gordon born 17 Jul 1902
            Madeline Gordon marries Otto Berninger 19 Jun 1926
                Granddaughter Karen Portzer attends Malseed reunion in 2004.

Annie (1881) goes to be with cousin Margaret Malseed Rioseco in 1909. (From Ellis Island records.)

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