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Australia 2005
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On 22-23 March 2005, Robert & Linda Malseed of Albuquerque, NM, USA, and Jim Maultsaid of Bangor, Northern Ireland visited Portland, Victoria.

On the evening of 21 March at 6:30 PM, a mini-reunion was held at Otway Manor in Portland.  Leigh and Karen Malseed were hosts.  A total of 57 persons were in attendance.


Meal: Sit down meal, with choice of:
    2 - Soups ( Pumpkin / Vegetable )
    2 - Main Courses ( Roast Beef / Roast Chicken )
    2 - Sweets ( Fruit Salad / Apple Strudel )

Drinks: B.Y.O. licensed Restaurant.

Fruit Punch, Water, Tea & Coffee provided with meal.

Tea & Coffee provided throughout the evening, self serve.

Cost: $ 20.00 per head.

Presentation: Robert Malseed; Malseed Family Story presentation.
(This was an updated version of the presentation he made at the 2004 reunion in Letterkenny, Ireland.)

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Attending were:

Surname Malseed Spouse
Adamson Noel Lorraine
Collins Dierdre  
Doodt Sharyn  
Gray Elaine  
Holcombe Janice Roger
Holmes Kay  
Howland Pam Derek
Jarrett Brendon Patricia
Malseed Athol Sue
Malseed Barry Gloria
Malseed Bill  
Malseed Bill Mary
Malseed Bruce Betty
Malseed Edward  
Malseed Greg  
Malseed James  
Malseed Jason  
Malseed Jean  
Malseed Kevin Jessie
Malseed Leigh Karen
Malseed Paul Carolyn
Malseed Percy  
Malseed Rachel  
Malseed Ray  
Malseed Robert Linda
Malseed Robert Estelle
Malseed Sam  
Malseed Tim  
Malseed Win  
Maultsaid Jim  
McLeod Alison  
Morton Claire Roger
Price Geoff Jenny
Price Joy Jack
Rowley Dulcie Brian
Rowley Vickie Robert
Solly Janine  
Stevenson   Barry
Timms Lynette  


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