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Records from the General Register Offices of Ireland

Vital records in the General register offices of Ireland include:

Civil Registration of Marriage, Birth, and Death

Marriage since 1845  (but no Roman Catholic for 1845-1863)
Birth since 1864
Death since 1864

There are separate books for the indexes and the data.

There are two separate offices and data sets after 1921.

The Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City has copies of the GRO index books and data books on microfilm.

It is not a complete collection, but I believe that I have copied every Malseed, Molseed, Maultsaid, etc. index entry and have photographed every data entry in the FHL.

The GRO indexes that I have copied and data I have photographed include:

For Eire:        Missing data is indicated in red.

Birth   Marriage   Death  
Index Data Index Data Index Data
1864-1958 1864-1881 1845-1958 1845-1870 1864-1921 1864-1958
  1882-1899   1871-1958 1922-1958  

For Northern Ireland:

Birth   Marriage   Death  
Index Data Index Data Index Data
1922-1958 1922-1958 1922-1958 1922-1958 1922-1958 1922-1958

A few miscellaneous pages of index and data are missing from the FHL microfilms.

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